PresidentMr. Don Hagland
Vice President:  Mr. Russ Takata

Trustee Mr. Josh McHugh
Trustee Mr. Mark Lemenager

June Gildemeister


At Brittan School, we believe that all children can learn. We seek to improve our pupils' basic skills; to create a secure refuge where quality scholarship, punctuality, and good citizenship are developed; to foster in our pupils the desire and capacity to be life-long learners; to encourage and channel their natural curiosity into constructive activity; to equip them to adapt to a technologically changing world; and to instill in them recognition and acceptance of responsibility to the end of active, productive participation in a democratic society.

Brittan Elementary School Goals

2010 - 2011 Board Action Calendar Schedule

School Board Agenda & Approved Minutes

August 10th - Agenda Approved Minutes  February 8th - Agenda Approved Minutes
Sept. 14th -  Agenda  Approved Minutes March 8th - Agenda Approved Minutes
October 12th - Agenda Approved Minutes April 12th - Agenda Approved Minutes
November 9th - Agenda Approved Minutes May 10th - Agenda
December 14th - Agenda Approved Minutes June 14th -
January 11th - Agenda Approved Minutes  

2009-10 Board Business

2008-09 Board Business

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